Transparent Edge Caching

Transparent Edge Caching

The SMH Caching solution gives your network a huge boost by reducing your bandwidth usage and load times in place of traditional streaming media methods. Combined with our Content Management Media Platform you get complete control of your content on both sides of your firewall.

How do you know when you need web caching.

Do you need a solution that allows everyone to view on their mobile devices including iOS and Android?
Are you looking for a solution that can synchronize your content publicly or behind your firewall?
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The SMH Cache is a truly transparent system

Configured in advance
Simple Plug-N-Play installation
Self-maintained and easily expandable.
No Plug in’s necessary
Active Synchronization
Can work with your existing cache
Save on infrastructure and bandwidth by off-loading processing from your network.
Reduced bandwidth connectivity requirements.
Increase response times by pushing content closer to end users.
Security features and content management capabilities make the solution a good central point for managing, monitoring, and securing content.
Enable networks to better handle streaming media by pre-positioning content.

Streaming delivery and support for all popular codecs and Mobile formats including delivery for iOS and Android via Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). The SMH Media Platform and all of its capabilities.