The support section is for helping you learn more about the Jamcity101 Global Broadcasting and its services to assist you on getting started with your streaming media endeavors. Our technical support experts are standing by 24/7 to ensure the fastest and most reliable delivery of your content.


The following links (courtesy of Streaming Media Hosting) will prove to be very valuable in understanding the requirements  to run an efficient broadcasting company:


  • Calculator

    Our streaming calculator helps you estimate your monthly transfer and storage requirements.

  • Encoder Support

    Our engineers are experienced with all of the most popular encoding software and devices including Adobe Flash Encoder, WireCast, NewTek, Viewcast and Windows Media Encoder to name a few.

  • Firewall Port Test

    Test your available firewall ports for streaming, IP address and more.

  • Speed Test

    Test your download and upload bandwidth speed to Streaming Media Hosting to properly select and trouble shoot encoding bit rates.

  • Flash Support

    Use this tool from Adobe to verify if flash is installed on your computer, flash player plug-in version, and more.

  • Open A Support Ticket

    Get technical support from our support engineers via our ticket system.

  • Support Videos

    Have our engineers guide you through setting up your first live stream and so much more step by step.

  • QR Code Generator

    Charge your online presence by QR Coding your videos.