About Jamcity101

Jamcity101 is an omnipresent internet based multi-format entertainment service. We offer first class live and on demand global entertainment services via streaming media to any location in the world.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent entertainment services at competitive prices. We are committed to excellence in customer service, sound quality, song selections, industry knowledge and professionalism.

Music, according to Jamcity101, is absolutely timeless.  There is no such thing as old music.  It’s just like a fine wine. It gets better with age. Hence, our musical selection is about making you feel good, bringing back great memories and most importantly “to make you DANCE”.


Jamcity101 started out a small rap group by the name of “Force of Four” from South Jamaica, Queens, NY early in the 1980s. Since the group name was changed from the “Force of Four” to the “Amazing Phase”  (in honor of our comrades better known as “Phase 3”) which maintained our deep hip hop connections to our urban roots but just expanded to become a more complete sound system with heavy emphasis on dance music such as house music, dancehall reggae and R&B.  By the late 1990’s another transformation occurred to which the “Amazing Phase” made it’s final transformation into what is known today as “Jamcity101 Entertainment Services. Jamcity101 still maintains our core values as DJs for South Jamaica, Queens, NY but just accented it with technology, professionalism, enhance/increased industry knowledge, a massive sound system and global reach.


Today, we have more than 50,000 watts of mobile DJ power! We continue to emphasize and enhance the mobile nightclub experience which includes a powerful sound quality, creative and timely implementation of selected urban genres of dance music to ensure that your party stays jumping.  We are JAMCITY101. Are you ready for a party?


Our vision is to afford our constituents the ability to provide  and receive live and original interactive entertainment programming via Jamcity101‘s global virtual platform such as “CLUB101″.

Our platform is pathway and revenue generating alternative for entrepreneurial entertainers to take control of their destiny by eliminating the “middle-man” and substantially eliminating the barriers of entry into the global broadcasting world. Who needs television and radio when you have the JAMCITY101.com platform. Whether you are a comedian,  producer of plays, bands, DJs or simply. an aspiring talk show host, you can share your passion for you entertainment skills with the world.

So, are you ready to join the JAMCITY101.com revolution?

As for DJs,  JAMCITY101 is one of the most advance DJ entertainment service in the world.  We employ the latest technology that makes the DJ experience much more affordable, accessible and interactive. We have removed the boarders. Anyone from any country can now experience the exciting services of Jamcity101. No more costly time consuming equipment setups.  The future is here.

Join Jamcity101: Join the revolution!